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Curriculum Courses

Academic Course Offerings

The academic curriculum combines rigor with personalized pacing. Core courses encourage critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, self-awareness, and discovery. Traditional college-prep subject areas in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and world languages (primarily Spanish) are complemented by offerings in computer science, studio art, ethics, public speaking, personal finance, college and career planning, and a variety of contemporary social topics.

Offerings include Advanced Placement courses and opportunities for students to pursue interests through faculty-supervised independent study.  Each student’s educational program is tailored to his own ability, needs, interests, and style of learning.

Course Catalog 2023-2024

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn 22 full-year credits in grades nine through twelve. Each year, they take at least one course in each area of English, social studies, math, and science. Subject-area credit requirements (below) can be adjusted in light of individual student profiles and other considerations.


  • English 4
  • Social Studies 4
  • Mathematics 4
  • Science 4
  • World Language 2
  • Health &Physical Education 2
  • Electives 2

Academic Support Program (ASP)

Phelps offers a unique Academic Support Program for students with smaller classes for more individualized instruction at all grade levels in English, Reading, Math, Science, History, and Study Skills. Read more.


Quick List of Courses

National Honor Society

The Phelps School National Honor Society Chapter includes students in grades 10 through 12 who have exhibited outstanding leadership, service, and character. Boys who have excelled academically (cumulative 3.25 unweighted GPA) are invited to apply. NHS members tutor fellow students and lead community service projects.