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ESL Program


The Phelps School’s ESL Program is aligned with the internationally recognized TESOL English language proficiency levels and designed to support our diverse group of English language learners as they transition to using English as their primary language of instruction.

Program Overview

The ESL Program at The Phelps School assists English language learners in gaining confidence using English in social and academic settings while building strong listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. All courses offered through the ESL Department are taught by a highly qualified, experienced ESL teacher and incorporate individualized, engaging, level-appropriate instruction to meet each student’s needs and interests. Working closely with his teacher, each boy sets and works towards meeting personal learning goals. In addition to receiving individualized feedback on frequent informal formative assessments and periodic summative assessments, each student’s language growth is measured annually with the International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP). In addition to language learning, the ESL Department assists international students in better understanding the culture and expectations of the American classroom. Students are also encouraged to embrace the opportunity of being immersed in the English language by establishing friendships with classmates from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, seeking new interests, and becoming active members of The Phelps School community.

Meet Our Director of Global Awareness: Mr. Betson

  • Earned a Masters degree in ESL instruction from Rowan University and has more than a decade of teaching experience.

  • A teacher that is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has spent time living and studying Mandarin Chinese in China. 

    • “My teacher using Wechat to communicate with my family has made me feel closer to them.  I feel like if something happened, my teacher could help my parents understand how to deal with information.”  

    • “My teacher can easily understand Chinese students and their families.  This helps Chinese families to get more information about studying abroad and applying to colleges. 

    • “My teacher understands things about Chinese culture that helped me feel more relaxed in a foreign school.”

See What Students Have to Say


Classrooms at Phelps truly are international meeting spaces.
Young men from around the world make our school rich in cultural diversity.
Students share a profoundly global learning experience.