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Affording Phelps

The Phelps School understands the value of education. We provide boys with the tools they need to not only succeed in school, but in life. We offer several tuition payment options and plans to help you afford a Phelps education for your son.

Please call our Business Office if you have questions: 610-644-1754



Tuition for 2024-2025

Boarding Tuition          $58,900
Day Tuition                   $35,200
For boarders, the tuition charges cover all instruction, room and board and evening proctored study hall.  The charges for day students cover instruction and on-campus events, as well as lunch every weekday. For all students, tuition charges include on-campus events, standard health center services with the school physician, some athletic equipment, college counseling services, a daily afternoon tutorial program, and some school activities and community service trips.

Payment Plan Options

One payment  due by August 1

Two payments  60% due by August 1 and 40% due by December 1.

Not available to students with F-1 Visa’s

Monthly Payments starting May 15 – February 15*

10 payment plan (available to late enrollment, but all payments must be completed by February 15)

Not available to students with F-1 Visa’s


Tuition Deposits

Boarding         $5,000
Day                   $3,000
International    $10,000
The non-refundable tuition deposit is due upon the execution of the enrollment agreement and will be applied toward tuition.

Additional Programs

ESL Orientation Program

$3,750 (required for newly enrolled ESL students)

ESL (English Second Language) Program

$10,500 per year (full year program, non-refundable)

Academic Support Program (ASP)

Tier one $7,500 per year (full year program, non-refundable)

Tier two $11,500 per year (full year program, non-refundable)



All new students will be provided a school patch (to be affixed to a navy blue blazer of their choice in specified location) and tie (provided upon arrival). All other required school apparel will be specified in school literature.


Additional Optional Fees

Laundry Service


Allowance Account

Parent to determine the annual amount

Special Activities

Payment for field trips, weekend trips, such as trips to sporting events, dinners, plays, etc.


Transportation for medical visits, to and from airports, trains and buses.

Athletics & Activities

Team athletic apparel, sports gear and certain activities


Additional Required Fees

International Insurance Fee

(if applicable)  $2,500

Textbooks & Supplies

(estimated) $350 – $700

Graduation Fee


Technology Fee


Chrome Book Fee (first year students)


Yearbook Fee




Tuition Refund Plan (“TRP”)

The enrollment contract is binding after execution.  Parents can purchase the Tuition Refund Plan to protect against an instance in which their son needs to withdraw from Phelps, and the family would face no refund of tuition.  The plan provides for the refund of a portion of the pro-rated unused tuition.  The non-refundable cost of tuition insurance is the equivalent of 6% of tuition.