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Life @ Phelps

Life at Phelps enriches every boy whether he is a boarder or a day student. Classes, extra-curricular activities, athletics, service projects, study sessions and more fill each day.

Student Activities

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Activities beyond the classroom build character and self-confidence.


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Residential Life

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Life in the dorms creates strong bonds.


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Service Learning

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At Phelps, learning to be a better man means helping others.
Life at Phelps means activities begin as soon as classes end. Our faculty dorm parents become tutors, coaches, chaperones, activity leaders, advocates and problem solvers for our students. They live on campus and provide guidance, mentorship and supervision 24-hours a day.
Each student has an advisor for constant support on campus. Everyone from the teachers to the support staff, is personally invested in our students’ success and well-being.



Service Opportunities

Dress Code

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