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Residential Life

Residential Staff


Administrators in Charge (AIC):

John Phillips, Dennis Birtch, Margie Abraham, Madeline, Iswalt, Len Armstrong, and Jack Hasler

Founder's Dorm Parents : 

- Gary Di Cioccio
- Kaitlyn Lester
- Leah Speese

Beattie Dorm Parents : 

- Dusty Gunn 
- Saige Spece
- Tony Tucker

Gains Dorm Parents :

- Alex Miller
- Carl Deakins
- Matthew Betson

Life in the dorms creates strong bonds.

Students live together in a collegial environment that encourages personal growth and maturity.  They develop close, lasting relationships as they learn to cooperate and collaborate.  They mentor and support each other.  They become family.

For many, coming to Phelps is their first time living away from home. Faculty members living on campus serve as “dorm parents,” supervising and encouraging boys as they learn important life skills and become more responsible and independent.  Residential life truly is the heart of the Phelps School experience.

Dormitories are comfortable and relaxed.  Student proctors, selected for their positive leadership throughout school life, help newer and younger students adjust and thrive.  The bonds that develop in dorm life are what make Phelps such a special place for boys to grow up together.

Weekends are a chance for fun excursions and relaxing down time.

Social events, field trips, movie viewings and outings to concerts and sporting events are just a few of the weekend opportunities.

The Greater Philadelphia area is particularly rich with resources and our proximity to New York, Baltimore and Washington DC makes trips to these cities easy.